Application Security Engineer

Application Security Engineers identify risks and drive improvements in applications.

Role overview

The Application Security Engineer develops and tests security components that make an application more secure. They proactively test their security posture from an attacker's perspective, help shape engineering best practices, improve and drive application security monitoring, and work with the security team to educate engineers on emerging threats.

Application Security Engineers
may also be referred to as:
Application And API Security Architect
Application Security Architect
Application Security Engineer
Appsec Engineer
Ethical Hacker Application Security
Information Security Applications Code Assessor
Security Application Engineer
Web Application Engineer

Career Path

Map your career path by understanding role relationships

Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average
* based upon those with two plus years of cybersecurity experience


Defining and embedding technical security policies, principles, and standards within the application.
Driving and supporting application security reviews and threat modeling, including code review and dynamic testing.
Managing and performing application security vulnerability management.
Facilitating and supporting the preparation of security releases.
Supporting and consulting with product and development teams in the area of application security.
Creating and leading security training for their team.
Assisting in the development of automated security testing to ensure the organization is following best practices.

Tools & Environment

Application Security Engineers need to use tools like Java, Scala, Typescript, Python, and Javascript, coding and scripting, and security assurance tools. They also need experience securing public-facing endpoints and remediating vulnerabilities found in code.


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