Vulnerability/Threat Management Analyst

The Vulnerability/Threat Management Analyst identifies and manages weaknesses and cyber threats in networks and software and then takes measures to correct and strengthen security within the system.

Role overview

Vulnerability/Threat Management Analysts are responsible for maintaining all vulnerability or threat management solutions, ensuring that all assets and systems are scanned for vulnerabilities regularly. They then need to bring any findings to the attention of the business while working within the cybersecurity department to prioritize and remediate threats.

Threat Management Analysts
may also be referred to as:
Cloud Security Threat Management Engineer
Cybersecurity Threat Engineer
Cybersecurity Threat Specialist
Cyber Threat Assessor
Cyber Threat Engineer
Cybersecurity Threat Analyst
Cybersecurity Vulnerability Analyst
Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessor
Security Threat Coordinator
Threat And Vulnerability Engineer
Threat And Vulnerability Management Analyst
Threat And Vulnerability Management Intern
Threat And Vulnerability Manager
Vulnerability Analyst
Vulnerability Management Administrator
Vulnerability Management Analyst
Vulnerability Manager

Career Path

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Average Salary

Based upon experience, salary for this role ranges from:
National Average
* based upon those with two plus years of cybersecurity experience


Operating the vulnerability scanning tool set, including Nexpose and Tenable.
Improving business-wide knowledge and understanding of emerging threats.
Reviewing and analyzing vulnerability data to identify trends and patterns.
Advising employees responsible for remediation on the best reduction and remediation practices.
Influencing the development of vulnerability management standards and security policies.
Operating vulnerability management processes, suggesting applicable change controls, and security exceptions.
Designing and implementing vulnerability reporting and monitoring solutions.
Maintaining and updating process guides and assisting with reporting to leadership and service stakeholders.
Assisting and supporting the manager in incident handling/investigations.
Performing risk-based technical assessments on technical vulnerabilities.

Tools & Environment

Vulnerability or Threat Management Analysts use various tools associated with vulnerability management, such as Qualys, Kenna, Microsoft Defender ATP, and ServiceNow. They also work with various public cloud infrastructures, scripting languages, and reporting tools.


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